BBDA Toolkits

About The BBDA Toolkits

The BDBA Toolkit Series Programme was launched in June 2021, supported by the UNAOC Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF).
The BDBA Toolkit Series is a collaborative initiative that seeks to address Xenophobia, Racial Injustice and the Safeguarding the rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants;
It aims to achieve this through the publication and distribution of a series of e-booklets containing lived experiences, contacts and youth informed solutions to the aforesaid challenges;
In the tradition of BDBA, the toolkit was formulated in collaboration with and through contributions by youth from across the continent.
This was done through a months-long working group sessions and engagements process;
Furthermore, the project includes workshops which are intended to proliferate the content of the toolkits and the message of the project.

What are the Toolkits For?

Use these toolkits to learn about Xenophobia, Afrophobia, Racial Justice and Safeguarding the Rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants. The toolkits also inspires youth participation in addressing the respective social injustices and safeguarding of Human Rights. 

Who are the Toolkits For?

This toolkit is for all of us – you, me, your friends, your neighbour, your school, your organisation! It’s for anyone who wants to create a positive behavioural change toward negative attitudes and actions towards marginalised identities and to promote equality. Youth activists are not just the future. We are also the present. 

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BDBA Toolkit Series Research Report