Tracks and Plenaries


All parallel and plenary sessions address different aspects of how African youth can Reclaim Africa. We have organised the aspects in different thematic tracks in order to make it easier for each conference participants to find the sessions that they are interested in. 



The POWER sessions will focus on youth policy engagement and young people’s access to political power and the institutions and polices that govern us. 


The PEOPLE sessions focus on the social and cultural issues that affect young people, sessions will concentrate on matters such as Refugees & Citizenship, The role of the Creative Industries and HIV and Youth.


The POTENTIAL sessions will centre around the future possibilities and opportunities of and for the Africa youth, sessions will focus on youth entrepreneurship, youth employment, the Fourth Industrial Revolution amongst others.

Host City

The BDBA Youth Summit will be hosted in Gauteng’s biggest city, Johannesburg.   By placing the summit in the economic hub of the South African and Gauteng economy, the summit is in a position not only to inspire engagement but to also enable critical thinking about how to better the lives of societies and increase development towards radical transformation of societies, economies and regions that can benefit young people and future generations. 

Johannesburg is the largest and most populous city in South Africa. From its modest beginnings as a mining town in the 1800s, Modern-day Johannesburg is the economic and financial hub of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Johannesburg contributes approximately 16% to the gross domestic product of South Africa. Gauteng, the province where Johannesburg is located is also acknowledged as the country’s economic powerhouse, contributing just over a third to South Africa’s economic output in 2016, according to provincial gross domestic product (GDP) figures.

Johannesburg is also one of the most accessible points in Africa; with O.R. Tambo international Airport being the largest and busiest airport in Africa, hosting over 50 airlines. In addition to O.R. Tambo international, Lanseria international Airport is conveniently situated on the other side of Johannesburg.