Plenary 5:


Focus: One of the major challenges facing African countries, and consequently its young people, is poverty and food insecurity. This theme will explore strategies that seek to eradicate poverty at all levels. Some of the strategies the panellists will elucidate on , include promoting the use of modern and innovative information and communication technology strategies to gain access to existing and new markets  by young people. Panellists will also speak to interventions and best practises towards creating space for young people to innovate, use agricultural resources and to be a part of policy making bodies that seek to adequately eradicate poverty In the continent.


Main Topic: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – How Africa Can Lead the Way

Panellists Topics:

  • Drivers of Change – African women in Innovation.

  • Innovation in Entrepreneurship.

  • Green Innovation – Addressing present and emanant Environmental Challenges (including Food Security)

  • How Can Generation X,Y and Z Coexist and Learn from each other? 

  • Topic Reserved for sponsor/partner