Breakaway Session: Education and Skills Development

Focus:In Nelson Mandela’s words ‘It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor’, education remains an important tool in liberating the people of Africa. There however, is a need to facilitate access to quality education for all, including to girls, people living with disabilities and other key populations. The theme will focus on discussions to locate and create opportunities outside of formal educational institutions, so as to preserve and strengthening of African morals, traditions and cultures. Furthermore, facilitators will interrogate the decolonisation of scholarship and pedagogy, to ensure an Afrocentric approach to education.

Breakaway 1: The Decolonisation of Education. Facilitator: TMALI

Breakaway 2: Insuring Access to Education for All African Girls. Facilitator: African Leadership Academy

Breakaway 3: Language Imperialism in Modern-Day Africa. Facilitator: University of Johannesburg, Department of African Languages.

The Next Generation, Creating The Legacy

The Next Generation, Creating The Legacy discussion will have young African trailblazers engage and interrogate how we, as young Africans can actively create our own legacy beyond all the socio-economic and political barriers , therefor creating the Africa We Want. This session will consist of two sessions:


  1. The Socio-Political Disruptors
  2. The Economic Disruptors


Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit Workshops

Session 1:      

  • GOOGLE Digital Workshop.
  • Redbull Amaphiko – Social Entrepreneurship Workshop


Session 2:       

  • ICT for SMMEs. Suggestion:
  • Africa’s Microeconomic Prospects/Forecast.