Registration to the 2019 BDBA Summit is free. Applications are now closed for prospective delegates not based in South Africa.

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Young Leaders from across the African continent will gather in Gauteng, South Africa for the Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit under the theme:

Reclaim Africa

 The theme for the next summit is a call to action to African youth to take steps towards reclaiming Africa, its identity, culture, heritage, knowledge systems and resources.  Delegates will be encouraged to discover their potential and make the conscious choice to be change agents towards Africa’s renewal. 

“When you talk about Breaking Down Borders, we are breaking down borders that have hindered us from collaborating, the borders that have hindered us from speaking our truth to the power, the broders that have hindered us from getting access to resources, the borders that have hindered us from maximizing our potential. For us today, being here is such a blessing because we have a platform, we are going to collaborate and work together past this room because that is why I understand by Breaking Down Borders Africa”

– Vivian Onano

Host province –


South Africa


The Breaking Down Borders Africa Initiative in a pan African platform led by African youth for the benefit of African youth. The initiative is inspired by the vision of creating an inclusive platform for African youth to collectively WRITE THE FUTURE of the continent, while promoting skills development and transfer amongst young African.

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